NGFB uses the WordPress wp_title() and get_the_title() functions to determine the title of most webpages. These WordPress functions are used by theme templates and plugins to retrieve the title of the current webpage, or any Page / Post ID. WordPress also provides filters for these functions -- a way for plugin authors to modify the title for various purposes. These filters are often used by SEO plugins, for example, to modify / standardize the webpage titles. See for more information.

If your Open Graph and webpage titles (shown in the web browser's title bar and tabs, for example) do not show the correct information -- perhaps always showing your website name, and not the current Post / Page title -- then perhaps a plugin or theme has "hooked" into the wp_title() filter to manipulate its output. By default, the wp_title() function should return the Post / Page title, which changes from one Post / Page to another.