Here's an easy checklist to follow:

  1. Do you want the buttons added to your content or excerpt text, and where (at the top, bottom, or both)?
    • On the NGFB Buttons settings page, chose a value for "Position in Content Text" and "Position in Excerpt Text" under the Buttons Position tab.
  2. Do you want the buttons to show in the content / excerpt text on your index webpages as well (non-static front page, archive pages, etc.)?
    • Check the "Include on Index Webpages" option.
  3. Do you want the buttons to show on your static front page?
    • Check the "Include on Static Homepage" option.
  4. Do you want the buttons to show on Posts, Pages, Media Attachment pages, and/or additional custom post types?
    • Check all post types that apply next to the "Include on Post Types" option.
  5. Which buttons do you want to show, and where?
    • For each social button, check the appropriate option next to the "Show Button in" option.
  6. Do you want to use the default button stylesheet, or create your own button styling?
    • To use the default stylesheet, check the "Use the Social Styles" on the NGFB Styles settings page.