The WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) plugin is a fork (aka child) of NextGEN Facebook (NGFB). They have the same author, many of the same excellent features, but WPSSO is distributed without NGFB’s social sharing buttons, and their related features (shortcodes, widgets, stylesheets, javascript caching, and url shortening). As a result, WPSSO is 20% smaller and is often preferred for websites that already have (or don’t need) a set of social sharing buttons.

If you wish, you can add social sharing button features to WPSSO using the WPSSO SSB extension plugin (both Free and Pro versions of the WPSSO SSB plugin are available). The combination of WPSSO and WPSSO SSB is functionally equivalent to NGFB.

Several extensions are also available for WPSSO: